Place and Profile

Our impact

Sheffield Hallam’s place at the heart of this city and region, and our global connections, are fundamental to what we do and to the way that we do it. We are proudly a university of place, committed to working with our community to improve lives and shape futures. We are a university grounded in our city and region – some two-fifths of our students come from within our region – but with national significance and global reach – we draw students from a hundred countries around the globe.  In the each of last two years we have admitted more students from areas of disadvantage than any other UK university.

Our commitment is to be a beacon for what a university can do for, and with, its community. We aim to be a creative and constructive partner, enhancing economic growth, aspiration and attainment and the quality of life in our region. We are looking to extend and deepen our global engagement - linking Sheffield to the world and the world to Sheffield. We work with like-minded partners locally, nationally and globally to enhance our impact and reach. We lead a nationally-unique regional post-18 education partnership which draws together all the region’s FE and HE institutions, and we have put in place a sector leading strategic partnership with the Sheffield College.

We have made outstanding progress. In particular

  • We have established South Yorkshire Futures, which is the largest and most ambitious university-led programme to raise educational attainment and aspiration in its region
  • We are the national lead for the UK Civic University Network, driving thinking about universities and their role in place
  • We lead the Sheffield Innovation Programme, one of the largest programmes of university-led support for small and medium sized enterprises in the country
  • We educate more degree apprentices than any other university in the United Kingdom

Our strategic partnership with La Trobe University, Melbourne is a ground-breaking global partnership across both universities which sustains student and staff collaboration and strategic thinking at every level of each university

Building on these steps, we want  genuinely to ensure that the University is a dynamic driver of economic, social and cultural change in the city and the region, making active connections nationally and across the world.