Who we are

The character of Sheffield Hallam is unique. It informs what we do and how we do it. We have an ambitious strategy which is simply and compellingly expressed. We are committed to transforming lives through excellent teaching, compelling research, dynamic partnerships and civic impact. We’re a university that embraces real-world challenges. We design programmes and teach in ways which provide students with the experience, skills and knowledge they need to succeed; and we do so in an environment in which all can thrive – whatever their background or characteristics.

We work closely in collaboration and partnership with others. We are making Hallam an exemplar of what an enterprising university can be and can do – working with, for and alongside others. 

We want to be known for innovative teaching and learning. We want to be known for research which makes a real difference. We want to be known for our engagement with our city and region, linking both to the world beyond. And we want to be known for our professionalism and the quality of our services. These aspirations – to shape futures, to create knowledge, to lead locally and engage globally, to be a truly great university – underpin our ambitious Transforming Lives strategy which we adopted in 2017and which has reshaped the way the University thinks, works, and acts.  In 2020, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we did something few other universities were confident or engaged enough to do: we stress-tested and reshaped our strategy whilst responding to the pandemic.  We reviewed Transforming Lives through an inclusive process which engaged staff throughout the University.  In consequence, we re-set our priorities for Transforming Lives. We  committed to a radical programme of change which will streamline our offer, focus our impact and embed agile and collaborative working in every aspect of the University, all geared around an expansive vision of an ‘extended campus’ fusing the physical and digital.